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Treating Cold Sores Naturally with Milk
Published By Elise Marie on 2011-07-16 223 Views

People all around suffer from nasty tingly red cold sores that eventually sting and become blistery. Many people turn to over the counter cold sore creams and treatments to help treat their cold sores, but the truth is they simply do not work and money shouldn’t be wasted on them. However, there is an effective natural treatment that can actually soothe and heal up a cold sore in very little time and that is raw whole milk.

Raw whole milk is able to soothe and heal up cold sores in very little time because it contains proteins in it called immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are proteins that work as antibodies in our bodies to help fight off and prevent viruses such as the herpes simplex which causes cold sores on the inside and outside of the mouth.

Raw whole milk also contains an important amino acid called l-lysine. L-lysine helps inhibit the amino acid called arginine which is the amino acid that causes the cold sore outbreaks. L-lysine is essential for cold sore suffers because it helps prevent and speed up the healing of cold sore outbreaks. People who have a diet high in arginine amino acids are more likely to get cold sores than people who have a diet high in l-lysine amino acids. The best way to get l-lysine into your diet to prevent cold sores and treat them is by simply drinking some raw whole milk each day.

The best way to treat a cold sore outbreak with raw whole milk is by making a cold raw whole milk compress to apply to the cold sore directly. All you need to make a raw whole milk compress is one large cotton ball and a tablespoon of milk. Basically you soak the cotton ball in the milk to create a milk compress and than apply it to the sore. The coldness of the milk will help soothe the tingling and stinging sensation and help relieve the redness of the cold sore. The milk which contains the immunoglobulins and l-lysine will help treat and speed up the cold sore virus by inhibiting the cold sore viruses which is why milk is so effective for treating a cold sore outbreak.

The best way to prevent cold sores is by drinking 2 to 3 glass of raw whole milk each day. This will help get the immunoglobulins and arginine into your diet to inhibit the virus and prevent it from forming so you can be free from cold sores. However, cold sores can still easily be triggered by sunlight and foods high in arginine so just remember to take in more milk so your immunoglobulins and l-lysine out way the bad amino acids. As soon as the arginine is higher than the l-lysine that is when the herpes simplex virus can attack the body and cause sores.

Raw whole milk is the best natural way to help prevent and treat cold sore outbreaks. No over the counter medicine can heal up a cold sore outbreak the way raw whole milk can so don’t waste your money on them. Instead buy some raw whole milk from a dairy farm or organic grocery store and use that instead as your natural and effective cold sore treatment.

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