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Herbal Bath Soak Recipe
Published By Elise Marie on 2011-07-28 200 Views

Having a sprained body part or sore achy muscles can be very painful. I know this from my own personal experiences, but you don’t have to suffer in pain while you have sprain and you do not have to go through the day or night with achy muscles. I have made a homemade herbal bath soak to relieve all your body pains and reduce the swelling and inflammation in your sprains and sore muscles so you can relax pain free for a little while as you soak in a warm relaxing bath.

The herbs you are going to need to make my homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains are chamomile, lavender, rosemary, comfrey, juniper berries, arnica, valerian root, passion flower, and peppermint. You will need to get these herbs in dried leave and flower form. If you can’t seem to find them go to the store and by tea bags containing these dried herbs in them and cut the tea bags open and dump the herbs into a bowl. The reason why these herbs are good for healing and soothing away aches and pains in the body is because they promote relaxation loosing tight muscles, relieve stress so you do not get painful knots in your back and neck, the contain anti-inflammatory compounds in them that help reduce inflammation and swelling do to sprains, muscle, and bone injuries, and they provide your body with antioxidants that help they body’s immune system become stronger so it can repair itself and stay healthy in all ways.  You will need about a half a cup of each herb!

Other ingredients you are going to need is 4 cups of  sea salt or Epsom Salt, 4 cups of butter milk, 5 drops of menthol oil, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 5 drops of spearmint oil. You can find all of these ingredients including the herbs in your local health food and herbal stores. The reason you need this ingredients is because they help add  minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants into your soak that help relieve inflammation, stress, dry skin, achy muscles, body aches, sprain pains, rashes, and lots more.

Now the way you make this homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains is by combining all of the herbs together in a large bowl. Next you simply add in the 4 cups of sea salt or Epsom Salt, 4 cups of butter milk, 5 drops of menthol oil, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 5 drops of spearmint oil into the herbs in the bowl and combined these ingredients together until you have formed a nice strong relaxing pain relieving herbal homemade bath soak for aches and pains. Than you simply pour the homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains into a jar or container until you are ready to use it to relieve your aches and pains in your body.

The best way I find to use my homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains is by simply pouring 2 cups of the bath soak into a tub of hot water you can stand to get into. Than you allow the herbs and salts to soak into the water and dissolve creating a dark herbal salt bath soak to help relieve your aches and pains. Once your bath is ready simply step into the tub carefully and relax in the soak for as long as you can. I usually like to light candles and bring in a magazine so I don’t get bored and can simply relax. Heck you can even turn on some music if you wanted to. I know I do sometimes. I usually like to soak in this homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains for an hour or longer when I am really hurting, have the cold or flu, or simply stressed out and need to find some relief. After I am done in soaking in my bath soak I step out of the tub careful and apply some arnica cream to my sore muscles or sprains to help keep the inflammation done and relieve some of the pain for a little while longer.

Now I hope this helps some of you heal and soothe your aches and pains away whether they are do to sprains or sore muscles, or whatever else is causing you pain in your body. I know this homemade herbal bath soak for aches and pains that I have come up with worked well for me and still does when I need some relief from body aches and pains. I wish you all the best of luck with relieving your body aches and pains as well, and I hope you all can feel better soon.

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